Ag composite carbon rifle stock

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We are your source for custom rifle builds, scopes, guns, and ammo

We help hunters and shooters develop the best system for their needs.

  • Optic sales from all the top brands
  • Mount scopes and sight in rifles
  • Find the best bullet for your rifle; factory ammo, or hand-load
  • Gun sales: FFL licensed

About Me

I have been building and customizing rifles for over 15 years. I have been an outdoorsman, farmer, and hunter all my life, living in beautiful Buffalo County where we have some of the best whitetail deer in Wisconsin.  

I build custom rifles and can customize your old rifle; including changing the stock or the barrel.  We can develop a long range shooting system for your needs; from a 300 yard deer rifle to a 1000 yard elk rifle. 

I also sell new and used guns, new and used scopes, and gun parts. I am FFL licensed.

Please follow me on Facebook: Custom Rifle Systems where I often post custom rifle systems and examples of our range shooting.

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