Featured Projects and Custom Orders

I absolutely love my new ag composite carbon rifle stock

I finally had some time to work on load development for my own rifle. It’s a 6.5 prc x-caliber barrel on a tikka action. I’m still using the factory stock until my ag composite carbon stock gets here. The grouping is at 210 yards.

Custom Order – Long range muzzle loader. It’s a Thompson center bone collector. I put an Athlon scope on it along with new rings and base. I’ll be ordering a custom turret for this setup and hopefully have a 300 yard muzzle loader.

A 270 wsm x-caliber carbon barrel with a break, on a tikka action. So far it has a factory stock but there’s a grayboe ordered for it. I put my own touch on the factory stock. This was with factory ammo, I’m sure with trying different ammo or hand-loads the group would tighten up even more.

Another great bull taken with the 270 wsm and Jackson Outfitters
The 270 wsm
The 270 wsm greyboe stock, x-caliber barrel, tikka action
A great bull elk taken with a custom 270 wsm
A great bull taken with the 270 wsm and Jackson outfitters

x-caliber 6.5 prc barrel
boyds stock

28 nosler, tikka action
grayboe stock, carbon six barrel
28 nosler, carbon six barrel
remington 700 trued action
grayboe stock
6.8 western

carbon six barrel, grayboe stock
270 win setup to shoot long heavy bullets
factory tikka action and stock modified for magnum contour barrel
carbon six barrel, 7.5 twist, 26 inches